What our clients say:

Feedback from client (FTSE 100 Developer) after project delivery workshop for London home-building scheme:

…should be made compulsory for all technical, build and commercial and consultants and contractors

Feedback from design kick-off workshop, complex basement scheme for huge mixed-use London development:

Great vehicle for explaining interfaces to the team and at the right stage Exemplar kick off meeting which engaged all members of the team.”

“…it was a really valuable day and should be done at the start of every project. Thanks.

Effective and extremely useful.

Feedback from design kick-off workshop, 100 home development, pioneering modular construction:

Thank you Nick for this day. I think it was a very good start for the XXXX team and the wider design team consultants. We can see it already paying dividends in how the team are working together and ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’

It was a really useful day.

I think it was a really valuable day and should be done at the start of every project. Thanks.

Feedback for training courses developed by Imagine Engineering:

This course was the best I have been on in my entire career at XXX…

…It is relevant not just to construction but to pretty much all other businesses and business processes…

“…the way the course was structured and presented brought the key messages across in the most effective way.  Practical exercises were relevant and appropriate and were designed so that all participated and no one individual was allowed to dominate.

I can only imagine the impact on [Multi £Bn mega-project] if we had implemented some or all of the concepts in the way the course proposed.

I have spoken with Nick Francis subsequently and this course is only part of a suite of courses that he has put together. Have we considered looking at the other courses with a view to implementing at [Multi £Bn mega-project]

The exercises identified real world roots of errors and brought interesting discussion to the table”